Crafted For Community

Sola, meaning “alone” in Latin, stands alone in our community as the place where people gather, build relationships, and experience the finest coffees and teas. Crafting fresh, flavorful drinks, we strive to be the first name you think of for that perfect cup.

We were founded in 2021 on a simple idea: serve amazing beverages that are ethically sourced. Whether you are new to coffee and tea or have been studying them your whole life, you’ll see, smell, and taste the difference that our dedication makes. Swing by for a to-go order or enjoy a relaxing visit. Here, you are always welcome.

  • Community

    Coffee can definitely be enjoyed alone, but when paired with friends it creates the perfect blend. Bring your friends and family or connect with someone new at Sola!

  • Coffee

    When coffee is your passion, you’re passionate about making it the absolute best it can be. We hope you enjoy our handcrafted brews as much as we do.

  • Connection

    Cultures have been connecting over cups of coffee for centuries. And you’ll find the connections you make at Sola are as memorable as our coffee.